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Will My Anxiety Ever End?

Will My Anxiety Ever End?

Will anxiety ever go away, end, or stop? Coach Lee answers this question and explains what you can do when anxiety comes on you. Lee explains what causes anxiety and what can be done to be able to feel better, function, and to prevent as many future instances as possible. To join Coach Lee’s Support Community, go to

Anxiety can be a challenging and distressing experience. Here are some strategies that may help you manage or reduce your anxiety:

Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness involves being present in the moment and observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Mindfulness can help you learn to accept and cope with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Exercise regularly: Exercise has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins, which can improve mood and reduce stress.

Practice deep breathing: Taking slow, deep breaths can help you relax and reduce anxiety. You can practice deep breathing exercises anywhere, anytime.

Challenge anxious thoughts: Anxiety is often fueled by negative thoughts. Try to challenge and replace negative thoughts with positive and realistic ones.

Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep can make anxiety worse. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

Seek professional help: If your anxiety is severe or interfering with your daily life, consider seeking professional help. A mental health professional can provide counseling and/or medication to help you manage your anxiety.

Remember, managing anxiety is a process, and it may take time to find what works best for you. Be patient with yourself and take care of your mental health.

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